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Patient Acquisition

Our focus on improved patient satisfaction, online reputation improvement and a robust online presence positions you as the best option for prospective patients. You acquire more patients - guaranteed.

Patient Retention

No matter how remarkable your practice is, there are always going to be unhappy patients. Our methods help you identify unhappy patients and address the situation. You get increased patient retention by upto 80%.

Patient Satisfaction

We collect your patients' feedback to understand why your patients are delighted, neutral or unhappy about their experiences. Improve your patient care system to achieve better satisfaction scores, more positive reviews, and more referrals.

Enhance Your Online Reputation
Win More Patients, Grow Your Revenues

All our services have been proven to keep your practice growing, even through recessions, reimbursement cuts, and turf invasions by deep-pocketed healthcare competitors. Our comprehensive healthcare marketing offer ranges from search presence, social media management, paid advertising, remarketing, online reputation management, and website/information portal designs, all specific to the healthcare market. Isn’t it better to impact more lives within a month what you would otherwise do in four months? Get in touch with us and let’s get your digital strategy right!


Medics Marketing strategically partners with healthcare professionals and provides you an edge in this ultra-competitive market. We develop comprehensive and proven marketing strategies to deliver you measurable results. We have an amazing team of medical marketing strategists that work hard to attract new patients to your website, or straight to your phone line and your office. We believe in fully transparent processes and our proprietary system allows you to monitor your progress 24x7.



Phase 1: Diagnosis
and Treatment Plan

First, we get to know about your practice, the competition, and your past marketing activities. We build a complete Digital Marketing plan based on your inputs.

Phase 2: Strategy
and Implementation

This phase includes creative development, media planning, and training. We will manage your email campaigns, advertising, referral building, SEO, patient experience and more.

Phase 3: Data Reporting
and Optimization

We fully track progress on our 24-hour live dashboard. This data is used to refine your strategy and to optimize your marketing expenditure for maximum ROI.

Reach More Patients. With Less Effort.

Deploying a successful healthcare marketing strategy involves a thorough understanding of your patients' needs. More than 72% of your patients who leave you a negative review on Google or Yelp do so not because of the Patient-Physician experience; but because of billing issues, unwanted deductible payments, lack of perceived patient focus, poor handling of paperwork, impolite clinic staff or longer waiting times. 28% of the time, the review is related to the Physician.

As more than 82% of patients turning to online mediums to find physicians, building and maintaining a Medical Marketing strategy becomes imperative. For an all-around marketing strategy, you need a proper strategy, HIPAA compliant web presence, sales, and marketing software. Assembling your own tools and methods can take a large time and money commitment, and produces sub-par results, which is why most doctors practice without these essentials. At, our most important focus is to create online success for your medical practice and our solutions have helped physicians across the USA, Canada, and Europe to see exceptional growth.

Exhaustive Reporting And Analysis

As an important part of our process, we offer an exhaustive report containing everything, from the current health of your campaign, your growth, projections, and key focus areas for the next cycle.

You can keep a pulse on the effectiveness of your campaign and track the marketing effectiveness. Our reporting method seeks to educate you about your online presence and the Digital Marketing Ecosystem in general, so that we can collaborate effectively and get the maximum returns on the marketing efforts.

Latest Medical And Healthcare Marketing Updates

Get up-to-date news and opinions about the healthcare Digital Marketing world. Learn how to promote your practice with free resources and examples of our past strategies that have worked well for professionals like you.

Dr. Richard Jones

Los Angeles


We recently relocated to a hyper-competitive service line on the East Coast, so we decided early on to invest properly in marketing. Always curious to try new things, we ‚ÄúGoogled‚ÄĚ Medics Marketing. Being somewhat experienced at Google, the fact that Medics Marketing appeared at the top of the search for this hyper-competitive marketing subspecialty, led us to give them a try.
It was one of the best decisions we could have ever made to grow our practice. To summarize, Medics Marketing has produced spectacular online ads that have been fruitful many times over their cost, expert ad copy and design, and specialized guidance regarding Physician Marketing and Internet Visibility. Highly recommended.

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