10 Trends In Health Communication To Integrate With Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Always been more digital, but also more personalized, closer to the customer, more interactive, health communication will still undergo major changes in 2019. All pharmaceutical and health companies carry out a marketing plan to guide the actions that have to be carried out throughout the year. Here are the 10 health communication trends to consider for your 2019 strategy.


Inbound Marketing for your digital health strategy

There is no need to specify it, digital strategy is an important part of all communication strategies, and as much in health communication. The Internet has also become the dominant media in terms of advertising at the beginning of the year 2019.

For pharmaceutical companies with an online presence (or wishing to launch in 2019, it’s never too late!), Inbound marketing will help establish a personalized relationship with your contacts. In 2019, working on content will, therefore, be a priority strategy.

The rise of video in health communication

We were talking about content just now, the video is part of the media much appreciated by Internet users. The video makes it possible to address its targets in a concrete way. It gives a real personality to a brand. By definition, special attention must, therefore, be devoted to it. This support is extremely well received by Internet users, strengthening trust in the brand. The video is therefore very important in a content strategy since it is the most shared media on social networks.

Internal communication or the importance of federating one’s own forces

We are always looking for the best health communication strategies and the best performing media. But we often forget that the first vehicle of our message is simply all internal employees of the company. It is essential to integrate it fully into a health communication strategy and to involve it in the messages to be delivered. Employees are the first ambassadors of a brand or a product.

In 2019, do not forget to arouse their interest and make them proud to represent your brand. All you need to do is organize small, one-off events throughout the year, sharing moments. Celebrate an anniversary, a prize, a positive study result, are good pretexts!

The gamification of medical training and information tools

One of the keys to success this year will be to capture the interest of health professionals and the general public through play and fun tools. Serious game, clinical cases, quizzes, etc. will, therefore, be projects with high added value. It will, therefore, capitalize on your health communication strategy.

The Prezi to bring dynamism to your presentations

The objectives of a good presentation are to captivate your audience and convince quickly. Prezi is a tool that has been developed to meet these goals and enable you to communicate more effectively. The true alternative to Powerpoint, Prezi allows placing the different messages in their context. This online tool allows you to organize them on a single page, then scroll through a succession of zooms and displacements. The concept is, therefore, more dynamic and less linear. Prezi offers a lot of possibilities in terms of formatting, animation, and interactivity. It is a tool that lends itself very well to health communication and gives great satisfaction to pharmaceutical companies that have taken the plunge.

The mobile health app

Mobile health app is beautiful and a reality. Patients and healthcare professionals are always looking for more health-related information on the Internet from their mobile devices. To support this trend, pharmaceutical companies are starting to create their own health applications based on their therapeutic areas. Be careful however to avoid some pitfalls for your application to be downloaded and used in the long run. It is important that the application reveals a real utility, that its ergonomics are worked to be intuitive and easy to use in everyday life. As for health applications for health professionals, it remains essential to always reference the sources.

E-mailing, a health communication channel to remember

The oldest channel of digital communication remains an effective tool in the field of health. Targeted and relevant, if the content and design are well worked, he will convince his audience. 

In addition, it is important that emailing provides real information to the health professional or the patient concerned. Hence the success of newsletters.

Quality tools for medical visitors

Medical visitors are key players in the deployment of your health communication strategy. Indeed, it is they who will deliver the messages and be in direct contact with the health professionals. It is, therefore, necessary to provide them with relevant tools. To be relevant, it is enough that they represent a real contribution for the doctor, information, a reminder, a document to give to his patients, a tool to help him in his daily practice, etc. So there are plenty of ideas to invent for your sales force this year, depending on your health communication issues.

Social networks, to put the brand at the heart of its community

Social networks have invaded the daily life of the French, so there is no reason for health professionals to escape this trend. Today, 2/3 of doctors use social networks as part of their profession (US study EMR Thoughts). We must, therefore, meet them through high-impact posts, always in compliance with the rules of ethics and with a moderator.

The e-patient is also in need of information and interaction, and social networks are the ideal places to interact with them.

To summarize, this year, it will take a trick to find the most effective tools to convince and capture the attention of its targets. More and more, it is necessary to think of the client rather than the market and to adapt to the different profiles of patients and health professionals that one wishes to touch.

The production of content will also be a priority, but be careful not to fall into the trap and always favor quality rather than quantity.