2019 Is The Year Of Health Startups

In the coming years, health tools will be more present in our daily lives and will allow faster and more accurate diagnoses. Start-ups have understood this well.


The Example Of American Start-Ups

Since becoming President of the United States, Barack Obama has made health one of the essential points of his mandate. It wants to reform the health system and in particular to propose a solution inspired by the French model in terms of protection. It is for this reason that research in this area is strongly encouraged.

This explains why “health” start-ups have seen their funding increase by 31% between 2008 (Obama takes office) and 2013 to reach 6.5 billion dollars in 2017.

These financings are divided into 4 major markets:

– Improved infrastructure for approximately $ 2.9 billion, including data analysis, new payment systems or administration;
– Care through personalized medicine and telehealth for $ 2.6 billion;
– Fair funding for all patients via so-called wearables and gamification;
– Development of new diagnostic tools: telemonitoring and self-diagnosis.

Through these companies, new technologies are therefore becoming increasingly important and valuable in the various health sectors. This phenomenon is not present only in the United States since most of the major countries of Europe and Asia are also developing their research in health 2.0.

Huge Potential

Health technologies offer exceptional potential. Whether it is through the development of technological prostheses, the use of assistive robots, real-time measurements or the 3D printing of organs, it is clear that new technologies are continually seeking to improve the daily lives of patients.

In a few decades, perhaps we will be able to restore sight to blind people, allow people with disabilities to walk, or quickly and accurately treat certain chronic diseases.

The man has always sought to increase his life expectancy, and we can say that success has always been there. It is therefore highly likely that those born today will have their life expectancy increased significantly.

We can only rejoice that research goes in this direction, even if we must always impose limits on the man so that he does not fall into excess.