5 Tips To Optimize Your Health Marketing Strategy With Social Media

How to promote your healthcare structure through the (Content) Healthcare Marketing

Traffic on your website, blogs, and social media platforms is an opportunity to convert customers into potential paying patients. It is essential that there is constant traffic though.

What was the latest interesting content you read on the web? Was it an e-book, a blog, a post on social media or a newsletter? Or did it come up while you were searching on Google for something else? Whichever way you’ve discovered it, this is a real-time example of how big and important the promotion of optimized content is and how it works.

The promotion of content is often carried out in three areas: optimization in search engines ( SEO ), social media marketing and email marketing. Not all content works on all social media channels, but all content must be promoted simultaneously through multi-channel communication.



There are three methods of promoting the content in which to share information about your healthcare facility:

  • Owned media: these are the platforms you own, like your website and your blog. These channels give initial exposure to your health content.
  • Earned media: after showing your content on proprietary channels, people would like to interact with social networks. This commitment will lead to organic exposure (not paid) for your health content.
  • Paid media: in the vast social media landscape, your content is likely to be seen by a small percentage of your target audience. To get additional exposure, it is necessary to pay for the display of the content through advertising activities.

Why connect with the target audience? Imagine never being able to sell your services to the people who need it most. How disappointing would it be? It is said that when it comes to Health Marketing content, we need to create less and promote more.

By promoting content, you can convey your message to the target audience that needs it most, but you can also communicate the value the target audience will receive as a patient. And yes, content promotion helps you cultivate relationships that turn patients into brand ambassadors. Content promotion and the success of your medical practice go hand in hand!

In summary, the promotion of content:

  • Attracts visitors to your website; 
  • Improve the commitment of the patient who becomes the ambassador of your structure; 
  • Help potential patients select your practice over their competitors. 

Let’s see together the best practices in content promotion:

1. Start with your mailing list

Start with your existing followers, the patients who are subscribed to your mailing list. If your target audience or your followers are in tune with the content, they could share it on social networks and spread the word about your healthcare activity.

Most healthcare professionals agree that e-mail is one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience. How can you guarantee that subscribers open your e-mails and click on calls to action ( CTA)?

To increase conversions use the following suggestions:

  • Write a captivating object. Shorter thematic lines often lead to higher opening rates.
  • Customize your email even using dedicated emoticons or themed gifs. Conversion rates are said to improve significantly when emails are personalized.
  • Make sure your emails don’t end up in the spam folder. Do not use the words “spammose” such as sales, bargains, discounts, promotions, etc.

2. Organize the editorial calendar of your posts on social networks

Since most of the adult population has at least one social media account, it makes sense to promote your content on these platforms. However, knowing when to publish will make your Health Marketing strategy on social media more effective than publishing randomly throughout the day.

The right time to plan your posts is when you see most of your followers online . Remember that the navigation behavior of people varies, especially on weekends, so carrying out a preliminary analysis of your target will help you significantly.

3. Promote your business through Influencer Marketing

The influencers are people or celebrities regarded expert and when you listen to the voices and opinions.

When you publish specific content, contact local influencers in your sector or specialty (but it is not an essential prerogative, as long as they are very followed and very proactive in interacting with their followers) and ask to be mentioned in text posts through mentions that their followers they can then easily reconnect to your healthcare facility.

Here are some tips to help you choose and work with influencers:

  • Identify your ideal character by defining his personality, competence/gender, type of follower, scope and topics he talks about in posts on social media;
  • Find your influencer by searching for hashtags and quotes on social media. Remember, if these people like your services or products, they will much more easily recommend it to their followers;
  • Contact your potential influencer to request a quote, tell us about your medical service and have them describe how you intend to move to promote your business.

4. Create interesting captions

Since content promotion is based on creating relationships, post writing is one of the effective ways to increase engagement with potential patients towards your facility.

  • Write short and interesting captions and alternate images with short videos ( for Facebook it’s 3 minutes max and for Instagram 60 seconds max);
  • Use few hashtags (we advise you to use at most 30 so as not to overload the post);
  • Involve people by asking questions (Call to action);
  • Tag the place to reach more people in your vicinity;
  • Use time as a creative tool when you create content for Instagram Stories.
  • Use hashtags, places, and photos where people have added your tag to find images and videos of your company that other people have posted on Instagram. Put “Like” or leave a comment to these posts to interact with people who have expressed interest in your healthcare facility;
  • Always establish the (coherent) reference hashtags for a given campaign or activity;
  • Interact with your community to develop a relationship with your followers and potential customers.

In today’s world dominated by social media, you can expand your coverage through the use of hashtags which, if used with criteria and advanced search, allow you to get double the involvement of end users .

Instagram is the most relevant demonstration of this dynamic in which text in posts has no specific utility because it is not indexed, the only way to index a post, in the long run, is to insert hashtags. Only through these and the indication of the geolocation, it is possible to find a “content” with the retroactive search.


There is no valid formula for everyone to promote health content. The combination of strategies that health practices implement may vary depending on geography, target audience and specialty. Just try all the practices discussed above and see what works for your healthcare facility, and then do something more by analyzing the data of your target audience. In this way, you will find your best formula to guide structured results through your personal Healthcare Marketing strategy.

In order for a content promotion strategy to be successful, you should try to amplify your promotion efforts. The creation of valuable content is the most important part of your initial efforts. However, medical facilities often overlook the importance of promotion that could make their content viral.