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For practice start-ups and takeovers, it is necessary to have practical office equipment before the opening. The practical office equipment ideally includes:

  • Business cards (for practice, doctor and possibly employees)
  • Stationery printed or as a digital template
  • envelopes
  • Design of logo and practice design (corporate design)
  • Practice signage inside and out
  • Practice flyer, theme flyer
  • Flyer dispatch for announcement in the neighborhood (see marketing module practice newsletter )
  • Patient winning mailing to the patient’s stem of the predecessor
  • Glueing visible windows from the street (screen or advertising measure)
  • Practice Homepage
  • appointment cards
  • About Weiser arches
  • patients portfolios
  • Text messages
  • medical history form
  • stamp
  • Recall cards
  • nameplates
  • Giveaways such as dental floss, pens, lip balm etc.
  • Establishment of practice profiles on the Internet
  • fax templates
  • recipe sheets
  • nameplates
  • Door signs practice rooms
  • Pictures in the practice rooms
  • Clothing, eg uniform polo shirts with practice imprint and possibly name


A uniform practice appearance and a high-quality practice design convey the patient professionalism and a high value of the work. This simplifies the practice of selling high-quality medical practice.


The price for branded business materials depends on the size of your request. Please get in touch with us.

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