Call To Action Or CTA’s In Online Health Marketing

You can have a brand with good positioning and with the best design in the world, even with payment facilities and a TOP product, but one of the key elements to generate sales or traffic is to give a key message for the audience to take action. That’s where a good CTA is essential, without abbreviating call to action and in Spanish: call to action. These are the ones in charge of attracting the client to our objective, in a powerful way and starting it in our conversion funnel.

The potential of Call to Action


It is amazing the sales that are obtained thanks to these calls to action. Has not it happened to you that you enter a web page and a message appears that invites you to get a book for free just by putting your email? That is a call to action. Surely you have done at least once in your life what the call to action invites you to do.

The best of all is that they always invite, do not force and usually give you something that interests you, a discount, a book, a trick there are so many things that can be offered, that’s why they are so infallible because you do not lose anything, but rather everything otherwise you always win something.

Calls to action in health marketing


When we want to get a user to perform an action that we are looking for, the first thing we must understand is that it can be a value proposition for him. For example, if we have an online store of nutrition products and our goal is to get the e-mail of users who visit us, in order to establish a recurring communication via email where we present our latest products or offers, what can we offer? to get your email? We must have the ability to identify a clear value proposition where our users feel motivated to give their email in exchange for receiving something that gives them that value. One possible idea would be to offer a healthy monthly menu of daily menus to have a diet rich in fiber. Or subscribe to your newsletter and receive a $ 5 coupon for your first purchase.

Such an action can be a win to win that allows us to increase our database thanks to its effectiveness. If it were not effective, it would not be present in practically all online marketing strategies. And it’s nothing new, since you’re called to action you can see daily in local and posters promoting services or products, such as at a bus stop saying that you sign up for the star gym for only € X. The question is to win over the client and try to get the client to be satisfied with the objective and repeat more times.

So we recommend you to have your call to action strategy right now with a clear value proposition since it is essential in any digital business to grow your database with the minimum possible investment. We do not know the potential customers that you are losing right now without having this system. Without going any further on YouTube you have surely seen it when the youtuber invites you to subscribe or to leave a liking, that same is a call to action, when you see another video in the same that encourages you to continue consuming that content is another call to action.

Do you want to implement your call to action strategy? Do you want to do A / B testing to analyze which one works best and get bigger goals? We help!