Capture New Patients With Google Adwords

Any medical center, clinic or clinic needs a constant flow of new patients to maintain their billing and benefits. Added to the growing need to attract private patients, who do not come by the insurer, the key is to obtain new clients on a daily basis according to the specific needs of the type of patient and service or treatment that they want to offer.


For dental clinics, physiotherapy centers, etc., Google Adwords is an excellent online marketing tool to reach new patients every day. Even if your website allows it, the patient can schedule their appointments easily.

Benefits of Google Adwords to attract new patients

There are many benefits of Google Adwords as a tool for capturing patients, such as: flexibility, targeting specific people and offering the user exactly the treatment or service they are looking for. To understand the benefits of Google Adwords, let’s see an example:

Recruitment of patients for a clinic through advertising on Google

clinic that wants to increase its number of patients needs visibility. If your competitors have used search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and have generated valuable content for a long time, it is almost certain that they appear in the first results of Google and take your potential customers when they perform a search. But do not suffer! The use of online advertising through Google Adwords helps to gain that visibility at the top of the results to make it easier to get new patients looking for your specific treatments.

There are thousands of monthly searches related to dental treatments. Fact that has shown the great effectiveness of Google Adwords for the recruitment of patients seeking dental services. These are the three results that a Google Adwords campaign can give you:

  • Attract new patients from your local area: get new patients doing local searches, it can be ideal for a clinic or medical center when you use Google Adwords. Although Google allows you to expand your geographic reach, appearing in local search results can help you drive traffic to your clinic or medical center.
  • Offer treatments for the specific needs of the patient: you can offer your treatments when the patient looks for specific services, such as emergency dental care, pelvic floor treatment, urology check or hyaluronic acid treatment. This provides a more qualitative segmentation than targeting keywords based on location, eg, “neighborhood dentist …”. We create different ad groups specific to the different treatments you want to boost. In this way it also allows us to understand what types of treatments and advertisements are most successful in the campaign.
  • Control the flow of new patients: once your Google Adwords campaign begins to capture patients on a regular basis, it can be activated or paused according to the needs of your agenda. No other marketing solution is so versatile and fast to accelerate or slow down the recruitment of new patients.