Conversion Funnels For An Online Pharmacy

A digital marketing strategy that has well identified the phases of your conversion funnel and the impulses that must be offered so that the lead goes from prospect to client, is the difference between an online pharmacy that sells and one that does not. Thus, a good content generation strategy that allows generating leads and then transforming them into customers with the help of the right tools is an essential element to take into account if we want to achieve quality leads. Subsequently, the key will be in generating the conversion of the leads that we capture. Next, we explain what you need to know to generate conversions with an online pharmacy store.


Phases of sale of an online pharmacy store

An online pharmacy store and therefore commercializes its products through the network, it may seem a priori that it is something really complex, but with the clarifications that we detail below on the implementation and optimization of funnels or funnels conversion, it will be much simpler.

The conversion strategy is usually compared to a funnel because the usual is that among a large number of users but, as we progress through the funnel, there are very few users left as the fence narrows. Along the way, users are losing, which is very difficult to recover. We start

Wide part of the funnel

The first steps of this strategy consist of capturing leads or contacts that have some kind of interest in our products. This is usually compared to the wide part of the funnel because it is normal to think that there are many leads for our business, and in fact, it should not be difficult to get a large number of these to enter our funnel. The complicated thing is coming in the following phases.


A good recruitment strategy usually starts with a good content definition that attracts a qualitative traffic to the online store. Once we have the user on our site, we must be able to get the contact information of that user and for that we must give something in return. Offer, for example, an incentive or benefit that is of interest to you as an initial discount or deliver valuable content that provides knowledge or helps you resolve a situation. Among others.

Going down the funnel: the thing narrows

The better the strategy, the fewer users are lost and the strategy, instead of being a funnel, begins to widen at its base, being a more parallel process. This is what you should aspire to since it would mean less loss of leads to customers.

Once we have captured the leads, it is time to work on them and convert them, gradually, into customers. This is not easy, of course, and this is where the generation of content and other sales strategies that allow us to get to know the customer with whom, we are talking and what is the opportune moment to offer the product of the online store enter more strongly of parapharmacy that you will need. In itself, it is the most complicated part and it is not easy to do it well, that is why it is said that the leads or potential clients leave the funnel.

A good email marketing strategy can become a very efficient action to get the maximum number of leads to customers at the lowest cost. For this, we must have a lot of ability to segment the interest of these leads to send them the content and key offer, which help to take the step towards conversion.

Fulfilling the objective

Once we have managed to capture the lead, convert it into a customer and have made a purchase, it is said that the customer has left the sales funnel. Although, it is advisable to recover it again to introduce it again in a more advanced phase and take advantage of the fact that you already know us to offer other complementary products and generate more sales with that same customer. That is what is known as customer loyalty. And is that a loyal customer attracts up to 10 new customers, so it is worth all this effort.

For this, we must establish a strategy of cross-selling and product association to understand what the next steps or interests that we can arouse in the user and thus minimize the recurrence time between purchase and purchase by maximizing the customer’s lifetime in our online pharmacy

The funnel conversion strategies are neither easy nor difficult to carry out. They need planning and knowledge. If you have any doubt, you can always consult with an expert pharmaceutical marketing agency in the management of sales funnels, which can help you in the process, to implement an optimal content marketing strategy that ensures the conversion of leads to customers.