Errors In Medical Websites And How To Solve Them

Have you created a website but do not receive visits in it? Do not you notice that your queries have grown and you do not see that return of the money invested?



Well, some errors in medical websites may cause a not very good first impression in our potential patients or that, well, they are not correctly configured (or the “duties” of SEO positioning have not been done) so that they can find us through searches in the Web. Therefore, we have selected 5 frequent errors so that you have them in mind when analyzing your website and visitors.

  1. A little successful design.

We often forget that patients expect to arrive at a web page that looks the same as the one in the query, that is, clean and clear. So, why use a colorful design? Using a clean, simple template with white or light colors in the background would be a wise move, do not you think?

  1. The information is not found.

When we arrive at a web page, the first thing we expect is to find the information we need in a few moments. If we do not, we close the page and look for another one, right? Nowadays having pages with content is important, yes, but not getting to the point with what is offered is one of the big mistakes. For that reason, clear headings, good organization of the structure and always visible contact.

  1. Images without quality, web without references.

When it comes to our health, the details always count and more with the number of websites that offer us references and information. Think, if you are looking for a doctor, what would you expect to find on your website? We believe that your specialty, a CV, images of the query to see if it is a good site (if these do not have quality is necessary than the best) and some reference of patients, depending on the specialty, of course. Is it like that? So, why not apply it to your own website?

  1. Lack of basic information

Arriving at a medical website and not knowing your phone, location, and schedules from the first glance is like arriving at a store and that there is nothing in your shop window, right? Highlight it and include it in several strategic areas of your website is the key. Oh! And fundamental that the phone can be a direct call for users who access through mobile.

  1. Without content, without approach, without understanding anything.

Health is such a delicate issue that it deserves to be treated so, with delicacy, and more when the search or the first contact is made through a screen. Adapting the language to the user without too scientific terms, transmitting closeness and bringing that something more than others do not do is the key. And how? With content, current, regular and oriented to them, to patients.



When someone needs a doctor, an advice from someone with credentials, they often end up losing themselves through the network until they find a page that has everything necessary to convince them. Is it about yours?

Contact us and we will evaluate your website. Everything has a solution.