Health Business: Do You Already Have Your Social Media Strategy?

A strategy is essential to develop a Social Media Plan in the medical sector. As it happens in other sectors, also in this sector, the development of a strategy that responds to the essential questions that we always have to keep in mind when knowing what we are doing or what we are going to do in the future, such as:

* What are we? 
* Where we are? 
* Where we go? 
* How do we get there?



The strategy is the road map, which will help us to reach our objectives and to face all kinds of problems and inconsistencies that are presented for the good development and success of the social ecosystem that is planned around the media and social networks. We must always take into account both our service, our market niche, our capabilities, and real possibilities, so as not to fall into unattainable and impossible objectives.



It is the responsibility of the Social Media Manager, by definition the strategist, the director and the guide of everything that has to do with our online speech and the Community Manager who executes the actions. Even so, the members that are part of the company’s management must design the Marketing Plan, together with the Social Media Manager, having clear a series of questions:

* What is the market niche? 
* What is our value proposition? 
* Who are our potential customers? 
* What channels do you use to inform and communicate? 
* What are our Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, and Opportunities? 
* Who is our competition? How do you position yourself? 
* What is our budget? 
* Does our current website and the contents it contains transmit the essentials to attract new potential customers? 
* Do we perform the necessary and successful actions in the online environment to position ourselves in search engines and attract qualitative traffic?

Once these points are defined, we must study what and what social media are and how users behave in them, especially our target audience or potential customers linked to our business. Through blogs, news and content writing we will establish a dialogue with them with which we will listen and monitor everything related to our market niche, before launching any action of high investment in online marketing that will provide traffic to our web of health services.


For all this, it is essential that we begin to define our objectives according to the potential customers and not in ourselves.