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Homepage Analysis

Home Homepage Analysis


Get A Detailed Analysis Of Your Existing Homepage - Maximize Your Conversions

Your homepage is essential to your healthcare practice marketing just like a functioning telephone and creates trust with your patients. This is how your patients get to know you if you already have a homepage. But is your homepage “good”, and what is “good” anyway?


Many healthcare practice owners fall prey to this fallacy – that because they already have a homepage – everything automatically and for eternity is perfect. Maybe you have made your homepage yourself or even commissioned an expensive agency.


Sometimes your page looks good, but it’s hard to find on Google. Again, a detailed homepage analysis finds out the issues in your website and optimizes it from a marketer’s perspective.

Quick Test - Should You Take Action?

Patients expect their attending healthcare practitioner to be able to inform them about the practice, your philosophy, orientation or specialization, your services, and about your team before their first visit.


Here are a few points, to give you an idea whether an action is needed for your homepage:

  • Is the homepage mobile friendly? Is it responsive?
  • Has your homepage been created/revised in the last 4 years?
  • Does the homepage still have a contemporary look and content?
  • Are there any texts for all your services/therapies?
  • Are the text keywords optimized?
  • Are the photos of the practice and the team up-to-date?
  • Are your address and telephone number on the homepage easy to find?
  • Do you know the legal framework and have you considered the HIPAA compliance requirements –
    • Is your communication sent using encryption?
    • Is your clinic’s online Protected Health Information (PHI) stored in a secure area, which is backed up and available upon request?
    • Is your clinic’s stored data time-stamped so the integrity of the data can be verified?
    • Is your clinic’s PHI accessible only by designated staff members?

Even a single “no” to the questions should make medical practice owners sit up and take notice. From here you can do little right and a lot wrong. And the worst scenario is when your homepage looks pretty and expensive and is yet useless.

The Proper Homepage Analysis

There are many – some free – options on the Internet, “just” to get an automated homepage analysis. Many agencies send unsolicited e-mails to individuals, with flat-rate suggestions for improvement of your practice.


That’s exactly what we do not do!


Of course, in a homepage analysis, technical parameters are relevant and technical improvements are often, but not always, a step forward. Some things are “not important” to your patient acquisition and search engine optimization because there are other metrics such as website usability which are more crucially required.


Many aspects of your marketing are only visible to the human eye because only the human eye knows perfectly what to look for on your website: short attention spans coupled with emotions require optimally placed calls for action. An algorithm can not (yet) analyze this, and human know-how is necessary.


Therefore, we pay close attention to homepage development and your homepage analysis.

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Usability for humans, not for robots
  • Keyword density is important, but with the latest Google updates, you must never overdo it
  • Readability for people
  • Complete content
  • Sentence structures
  • Typeface
  • A meaningful ratio of text to image or text to HTML
  • Contact information
  • Legal requirements
  • Website loading times
  • URL structure
  • Menu navigation
  • Meta descriptions
  • Medical terminology correctness
  • Internal links
  • Semantic relationships of keywords
  • Achieving an emotional closeness to the patient
  • Proper calls to action
  • And much more…


The price for a full homepage analysis is $400 plus taxes.

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