How To Attract And Retain Customers For Aesthetic Clinics

Marketing for aesthetic clinics is undoubtedly one of the highest levels of digital competence in the present time, it means that in order to have visibility and attract customers in digital media. And we must be clear about the objectives and how to achieve them. Otherwise, the economic resources and the efforts dedicated to obtaining clients Will hear everyone.

There is no doubt that this is a booming sector. It has been growing for several years of consumer spending on caring for and improving their health and image.


When the number of competitors is high and the market requires it and having good results from a digital marketing campaign for aesthetic clinics. It is not worth doing certain uncoordinated marketing actions. Taking specific decisions to carry out some action may have short-term results. But we will certainly not be optimizing resources and the effect will be sporadic and limited.

The survival of the business depends on knowing how to attract and retain customers for our aesthetic clinic. For this, it is necessary to define a short, medium and especially long-term strategy.


The first step before making any investment decision is to have a marketing plan to attract clients to our clinic. It helps to clarify what we want to achieve on the Internet and how to do it. Through a marketing plan we draw up an action plan and we can track it. It’s about positioning our aesthetic clinic in the digital world and transforming our investment into income. Without a clear and defined strategy, we will not achieve any commercial purpose.


A marketing plan for the aesthetics sector should include among other information:

  1. Study and analysis of the aesthetics sector in general, and in your area of influence in particular.
  2. Analysis of the business and consumers.
  3. Objectives to achieve.
  4. Analysis of the competence of the aesthetics sector on the Internet.
  5. Summary of the strategy to follow.
  6. Strategy for each online medium.
  7. Action planning
  8. Track results with the right metrics and KPIs
  9. Analysis of costs and benefits
  10. Conclusions and recommendations.


Differentiation in aesthetic services.

In any competitive sector, the first key to success is differentiation. If we do not differentiate ourselves, we can only attract customers by price. Attracting customers through offers and promotions, it’s like “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”. The client who comes to the claim of the offers usually is a disloyal customer. Today the patients will come to your clinic for the price claim, and tomorrow the patients will go to another with the same claim. On the other hand, our business does not live on aesthetic treatment offers, because we do it based on our margin.



Segmentation to attract clients of aesthetic services

The second key point is the segmentation of different types of customers. Segment-first between current and potential customer. Segment by ages and sexes, etc. We must also know client’s purchase, economic, treatments in which they are interested.

All this will help us to make good work and does not waste resources promoting services or products to a type of customer that is not interested.

Talk to your customers, make satisfaction surveys, offer to subscribe to your newsletter. And collect information about the aesthetic services that you have already been hired. There are many ways to get information that allows this segmentation.

Coordination of digital marketing actions of aesthetic clinics

The third key, we have introduced it before. It is not good to carry out uncoordinated actions because the results will be very limited.

The first thing we must do is plan what aesthetic services you want to promote in each moment and time. Then see what actions you can take with your budget to attract customers. Finally, coordinate those actions so that they strengthen each other. In this way, you will be maximizing your resources and getting the best possible results.

If during the first quarter of the year the best thing is to promote a specific service then you have resources to manage the blog, the RSS and dedicate some budget to Adwords. The way to act would be to work the previous month to prepare all these coordinated actions. And then implement them in order in the quarter.

Finally, always measure, measure and measure. Use the analytical tools to know the profitability of these actions by monitoring of KPIs that you marked.


Different studies reveal how capturing new client costs between 3 and 5 times more than retaining an existing one. A current client surely consumes services and products of greater value than a new one. And what does not know you?


It is therefore critical to retain our current customers. For them, it is essential to manage your database correctly. To all our clients, we have to offer them the possibility of giving us their permission to contact them and keep them updated with information about our clinic and services because managing this database well. We will have the opportunity to attract satisfied customers back to our aesthetic clinic.

We can access them in a direct way, we can offer products that we know are of interest to them.

Carry out a recovery campaign for former customers that are no longer we have to remind them that we are here and that one day they were clients. We can offer you a small incentive or gift to return to our hands. And then include them again in our loyalty strategy.

Finally, we remind you that a satisfied and loyal customer is our best marketing tool. A client like this will recommend us to his friends and acquaintances. He will name us in his Social Networks positively. And he will value us with 5 stars in Google or in forums with a good review.