How To Create An E-Commerce Of Health Products?

Before creating an e-commerce, or online store, of health products you have to take into account several issues. The first is the choice of a good platform that allows to adapt to the needs of the project and offer a capacity to scale the project if, when meeting the objectives, the online store requires a greater number of products or new functionalities. Be a parapharmacy, an online beauty store or wellness products.


There are different CMS, or platforms to create an online store, such as Woocomerce, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, etc. They offer solutions from less to more complexity and sophistication to develop an online sales project. For your choice, we must understand the characteristics of our project not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. In turn, it is necessary to achieve a good design, taking into account considerations of usability and accessibility, which is responsive and with good loading speed and conversion facilities in the purchase process.

Knowledge in the online health sector

Both the sale and the online communication of health products and services require extensive knowledge about the channel and the product. Advertising to attract customers from Google or Facebook is subject to restrictive use policies for campaigns of that type of products. It is also necessary to take into account that products that require medical prescription can’t be sold.

Start up an online health products store


Structuring and launching an e-commerce website is a work of great importance. You have to define a meticulous marketing strategy, identify the objectives, detail the actions and budgets. For this, there are parts that can not be missing. These are some:

Structure of the online store

It is necessary to have a well-structured catalog of products, fast loading, with explanatory sheets, possibility to comment, clear and secure payment methods and a section of promotions and offers to attract new customers and strengthen existing ones.

Quality content

The first step is the creation of original and quality content, which encourages interaction, sales, and loyalty.

The quality of the content, both textual, photographic or in video format is based on:

  • The creativity.
  • The originality.

We must bear in mind that the material duplicated or copied and altered is penalized by the search engines. In addition to negatively influencing our brand image.

SEO positioning


One of the keys to profitability in an online sales project is to achieve the highest quality organic traffic possible. For this, the optimization of our online store is key, with the current standards of search engines (SEO), with the aim of being indexed, reaching the first positions in the results.

Content Marketing

Proper content marketing can attract the attention, interaction, and conversions of our potential audience. When we talk about content we should not only think about texts for our blog, but we should think about all those formats that allow us to get as close as possible to our audience, creating our brand ecosystem where our clients and future clients want to stay in touch.

Social networks


Social networks are one of the great sisters of online sales. They allow to generate commitment and interaction, present novelties, discover interests, generate recommendations and increase traffic to the online store by developing a larger customer base. We must be able to understand which are the best social networks for our project.

Email Marketing


One of the most effective ways to reach and maintain a customer base is through email marketing. It is advisable to create segmentation lists very well organized and segmented to offer communications oriented to the conversion to the public and key moment.

Online advertising campaigns

There are five key elements to any online marketing campaign :

  1. The medium where to carry out advertising
  2. The segmentation of the public
  3. The ad and creativity
  4. The offer and call to action
  5. The landing page

All five must be in good harmony and synchronization if we wish to maintain interest.

Responsive design

It is absolutely crucial to make sure that our website is adapted for mobile browsing. Actually, not only do we have to be content with our website being responsive, but we must also focus on mobile first strategies

Sale on marketplace

Not only can we contemplate our own online store. There are platforms and marketplace such as eBay, Amazon and even some specific products for sale in pharmacies. These allow us to take advantage of their high traffic to have our products available as much as possible to the market we focus on.

In conclusion, keeping up with the latest trends and marketing techniques is crucial for any e-commerce health product. With the right combination of marketing actions based on a strategy oriented to objectives, you can improve the conversion rate and attract increasing and sustained sales.