How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Through Health Marketing Strategies

According to Pew’s research, about 8 out of 10 Americans use search engines as a primary source of health information. Most of the time, however, they do not find information that can actually help them because they are vague and inaccurate.

Patients have become selective clients, have many health options on the local market to choose from and do not hesitate to look around and compare the medical facilities regarding the services provided, the price and the general experience. With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, medical activities and professionals must focus on patient retention in order to achieve significant growth both in economic terms and in fixed appointments. Attracting new patients is advantageous, but keeping them within the healthcare network may not always be easy if you do not know the dynamics of Funnel marketing and Health Marketing strategies.

By developing superior quality content marketing strategies, you will be able to provide useful information to your audience and drive traffic to your website, increasing your revenue in the process.

I do not know where to begin? Here are three Healthcare Marketing strategies that will help you gain a tangible advantage for your healthcare facility

1. Write high-quality blog posts

Do you want to quickly promote your medical activity while providing attractive and engaging content to your (potential) patients? The blog is then for you. There are several reasons why you should consider creating a blog to promote your health communication.

First, writing a blog conveys to readers that you are proactive and involved in the medical community. Owning a blog means that your website is more likely to position itself highly in search engines due to the freshness of the content and user interaction. Blogs also have the advantage of providing content for social media and attracting the public thanks to desktops created landing pages.

Blogging is one of the cornerstones of Health Marketing. However, the blog is more than just posting articles on your website for advertising purposes. All health workers do so, so it’s not new. If you want to keep up with the competition, you have to offer your audience something else. Instead of generating new content just to promote your health care business, use your blog page as an opportunity to educate and help your audience.

The best way to find new topics on the blog is called Keyword Research , which is the operations that allow you to find the queries most used by patients. These allow you to focus your writing on specific issues compared to others, but also to take into consideration the keywords that must be constantly repeated in all the blog articles.

2. Create engaging infographics

Regardless of the quality of the content of your blog posts, your audience will always get bored very early to read texts that are too long (albeit interesting) so we suggest you alternate the written part with summarizing and engaging infographics.

You can make an infographic on the trends of Health Marketing to keep an eye on in 2019 or on new medical technologies for the benefit of patients around the world. You can even create infographics based on the data you already have. To communicate the quality of health care you offer, you can create an infographic that shows data such as the number of patients you have treated in a given period of time, the number of successful operations in your facility, or how many doctors or nurses are in charge of the structure in which you operate.

Creating an infographic requires time and effort: you will need to collect all the necessary data, create meaningful content around that data and work with your design team (both internal and external) in order to produce a well-designed information plan.

Despite the challenge, the time and effort you spend are definitely worth the gains in terms of satisfied patients and fixed appointments. If you have correctly executed your infographic, you will increase the traffic on your website, increase your brand awareness and interact more easily with your audience.

3. Promote your content through email marketing

Here is a scenario: you have just published new content on your web blog, but how do you get patients to read them and direct more traffic to your site?

You can maximize the reach of your content by promoting it with email marketing. Send newsletters to your subscribers and let them know that you have just published new content. A good number of subscribers to your facility probably won’t visit your website and check your blog every day, so informing them of new content is always a good idea.

You can also segment your lists to determine which of your subscribers will be interested in a specific blog post or infographic. Sending relevant content to your subscribers increases the likelihood that they open the email and read your content.

Keeping these simple but effective strategies in mind, you will gain the trust not only of your existing patients but also of other people who might be looking for a new healthcare provider. When creating meaningful content, encourage the public to return to your website and thereby get more traffic.