I Want To Catch Up But I Don’t Have A Website Or It’s Very Old

In the United States, 20% of the turnover of the pharmaceutical sector comes from the online channel. Given this phrase many will think that in the US “they are going very fast” or “it is a different market”.  

A year ago we met one of our first pharmaceutical customers. I had read a book that talked about the new market trends of the 21st century, where the Internet era was mainly talked about and decided to call us. We arranged a meeting and it came with 2 questions:

– The first question was: How can a pharmacy get customers online?

– The second was: What can I do with my website to attract customers?

To the first question, we answer yes and we work together with a strategy to achieve it. Currently, this website receives more than 4000 visits per month.

To the second question and for you to get an idea we gave you to choose between:

1. Creation of a new pharmacy website

Our websites combine clean design with a very easy to use content management, optimal integration of social plugins and logically they are optimized to the millimeter for a correct SEO positioning. We design our websites for all types of devices and not only for desktop computers. All the websites we do have a mobile and tablet version.


2. Customer website optimization

If you do not decide to develop a new website, there is always the possibility to optimize your current website at all levels. We have already told in other posts what is related to optimization at the positioning level, but in Playmedic we also offer the optimization for a correct visualization in mobile devices, the improvement at the aesthetic level, of content or of what you think is convenient.

3. Insertion of social plugins on the web

The insertion of social plugins in its web derives from its prescriptive presence of health in social networks. So that this presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. end up generating traffic on your website (which in turn ends up generating new customers), it is essential today that your website is equipped with buttons and links that connect directly to social networks; source of sharing and therefore, source of visits.


In Medics Marketing we are experts in the creation of websites specialized in the clinical sector. We believe in the attractive and aesthetic design, while we believe in the functionality of the website designed to offer intuitive and pleasant experience to our patients and potential patients.