Keys To Take Advantage Of A YouTube Health Channel

At present YouTube is the second search engine worldwide behind Google due to the wide diffusion and the ease to consume content that the videos offer to the user. In the case of the health sector, there are many professionals who join this network to share their knowledge and experience with a total audience that surpasses, according to Nielsen studies, the 136 million users per month. Therefore, it is a network to be taken into account due to its power, its reach and the virality of its videos.



Medical videos are one of the most dynamic ways to show information, techniques, and treatments, as well as a way to be more resolutive to the doubts of users. Similarly, they offer the possibility of converting the channel into a reference in the sector, causing closeness and greater response to the patient.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of YouTube to offer health content :

  • No records are needed. Users can consult the content without registering, which makes it convenient and easy.
  • Interaction. Users value and leave comments and/or queries that can be answered.
  • Visibility. Being a video, users can better know the professional, clinic or center, as well as their consultation and facilities. This provides greater confidence and generates new patients.
  • Positioning In the search results it is increasingly common to find videos in the first positions. This allows positioning by holders of specific pages or even above other centers.
  • Measurement. You can track visits and minutes of viewing the content to analyze which videos have generated the most interest to strengthen the strategy and get more visits.
  • Virality. It allows to share the content in pages, blog or social networks.
How to get the most out of health content on YouTube

For this, it is necessary to take into account four laves to take advantage of a YouTube health channel: public, strategy, optimization and quality.

Defining what type of audience (age, location …) we are going to address and study their behavior in this channel is the first step.

Before opening a Youtube channel, it is important to specify the objectives to be fulfilled and the content that will be published. This may vary depending on the analysis of the visits and the impact of certain videos.

Once this is done, another key aspect is its optimization before making a visible video to position it both on YouTube and Google and thus receive a visit.

Finally, the quality of the image, as well as the duration of the video, is fundamental. The plan should be fixed and with good lighting, and ensure that the videos do not exceed 3-4 minutes so that they are faster and more practical for the user.

Position yourself in the sector and gain more visibility with a Youtube channel! At Medics Marketing we help you with the strategy and dissemination of medical videos.