You Have Patients Who No Longer Visit You - We Get Them Back In The Loop


  1. Reactivate lost patients
  2. Determine their reasons for staying away


Our Health Information Center phone-calls the dormant patient list provided by the doctor. The patients who have stayed away after consultation from you or have not taken on a treatment plan.


Our strategy is basically making a quality assurance phone call, where we give your patient an opportunity to comment on suggestions for the improvement of your practice or refer someone they know who needs your help. We gently nudge them back.


In this way, you can obtain a detailed picture of the state of your practice than when your own practice staff make the calls. This is because such a situation often faces bias. Your staff will always downplay negative events and focus on the positive. We strive to produce the correct picture for the right implementation of strategies.


  • Approximately 10% of your lost patients return to the practice immediately
  • The reasons for their staying away can be studied and remedied
  • Less patient loss after your initial consultation


The price for Lost Patient Recapture starts from $500

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