Marketing In The Health Sector Is Neither Expensive Nor Unethical

In this post, we tell you what health marketing is and why it sometimes has an added negative concept in the health sector.

Marketing is an ugly word for many medical professionals. Just think of it come to mind a mattress salesman in the program of Maria Teresa Campos. But why?. How can marketing in the health sector be useful to offer a better service? Is it really not ethical?

The truth is, marketing is a concept quite misunderstood for many of the people who are not in the sector, and sometimes especially due to bad advertising practices, it is a term with negative connotations. But the reality is that there is no better action than demonstrating the real value of a product or service, and that is marketing, also in the health sector.

A misunderstood concept

To understand how health marketing can help a hospital or clinic, the first thing you need to know is why a patient chooses a health provider or another. An example: a friend is the emergency director of a hospital, quite large. In autumn, the number of patients increased significantly. So the marketing director asked him how he had done it and if he could do it again … RIDICULOUS. Obviously, there are things that are not in our hands and that was due to factors exogenous to the hospital, and my friend of course.

The number of patients who fall ill or have acute episodes that force them to go to the emergency room cannot be controlled. However, if they are already sick and have to make a decision about where to go, then yes you can influence their decision. If it is the only hospital in the city, of course, it does not count!

When a patient chooses a health center there are a number of factors that determine it. The quality of the health service is a priority, always, but how do the patients make that assessment? It is very subjective and often additional aspects influence.

A much clearer example is an airline. Does a passenger appreciate the quality of an airplane’s engines? They can not see the engines, but they do appreciate cleanliness, food, kindness … and at the end when they land they make a mental summary with all this data

Your image, or that of your clinic, is a marketing tool.

For a clinic, if in the waiting room you have magazines from the wedding of Barbara Rey and Ángel Cristo, does it mean that you are not updated in your professional skills either? If the examination room is dirty or messy, does it mean that the devices used are also? Your image, or that of your clinic, is a marketing tool. Why do you think some clinics hire health marketing professionals? Image, perception, closeness If you are a good professional, why not use marketing tools to attract patients?

Another way to increase the number of patients is to differentiate yourself. For example, it increases or changes the opening hours, offers home service, introduces complementary services, etc. And if you do not know how to improve, just ask. You can use a small survey or take advantage of the time you are in the consultation for a brief conversation. 


Sometimes, the kindness of the staff, the remainder over the phone, or the birthday greeting card count more than we think. And under equal conditions, if others do it and you do not, who would you choose? I who love me the most and with whom I feel most comfortable.

Make health advertising, without fear, but always with honesty and trying to reflect your values ​​as a professional. The key to it being effective is that you choose the right place. It sounds obvious, but if you want more children in your practice, advertise in places where parents can read it as the local newspaper, or you can even try to reach an agreement with the school to offer customized services.

In summary.

Marketing is not a word incompatible with health, it is simply about influencing the patient to choose you, proving that you are a good professional.

The best way to start with good marketing actions is to offer an impeccable service to your patients. In other sectors, it works, and it has no negative connotations. Start using sanitary marketing techniques because if not others will do it for you.


Health marketing does not have to cost a fortune or cause you a moral dilemma. Just let the patients know you are there, who you are and where you are. In a world where intrusiveness stands out and immorality also, why not communicate to people that you are a good professional and are accredited for health practice?

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