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In addition to classic word-of-mouth reviews and referrals, patients are now increasingly sharing their reviews and opinions over the internet. Of course, this also includes patients who – for whatever reason – want to defame your practice. Subsequently, their peers now have a negative opinion about you. In a local area, such reviews matter. It is absolutely essential to get a complete idea of everything being said about you on the internet. These are the main platforms people hang out on and share reviews –

  • How can your practice be found on the internet?
  • Which other healthcare services rank for your keywords?
  • What Internet reputation do your competitors have?
  • Who are your main competitors on the internet?
  • What services do your competitors promote on the internet?
  • Which services can your practice successfully promote?

The Complete Audit

Website audit and analysis is used by online banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, as well as individuals for start-ups, takeovers, healthcare practice remediation and optimization. Within a single document, it illustrates how your healthcare practice and its range of services stack up in relation to the competition. The same applies to the Online Reputation of your practice. Our website analysis is essential in order to start with any digital marketing planning. Please contact us if you would like to have your specific problems solved.


The price for website site audit and analysis is $200 plus taxes.

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Your Wait Is Costing Your Business. Healthcare Industry is changing rapidly and a strong digital presence is now essential for professionals. Not marketing to save money is like stopping a clock to save time. Doesn’t work!

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