A Complete Analysis And Monitoring Package For Your Online Reputation

This marketing module includes the services of Online Reputation Analysis and Online Reputation Monitoring and is optimally complemented by patient-oriented search engine optimization.


Recent research shows that across all age groups, more than 70% of your patients are finding a new practice over the Internet. Even a top-ranking healthcare practice website is now worthless if your online reputation is not optimum.


If you have a great reputation on major online review portals, the patient is encouraged to visit you. If there are no recommendations from satisfied patients, or perhaps if there are dissatisfied and negative reviews about you, the patient will decide against visiting you.


Healthcare Reputation Management, therefore, helps your practice by making the reviews of your happy patients easily searchable and top-ranking, while at the same time making sure that bad reviews are avoided or – if possible – removed.


The first step is to optimize the entries of your healthcare practice in all major review portals, patient information portals, industry-related forums, etc. This is done to ensure that all the practice data is correct, your specializations are entered with pictures, and your website (if possible) is submitted. Any existing bad reviews will be detected and reported to you.


Hint: We frequently come across old address data about doctors, wrong doctor title or specializations, and so on. This looks unprofessional and misleads your patients. The first step is to correct any such issues.


In consultation with your practice, we handle communication with the review portals as well as commenting on reviews.


Afterwards, we develop a personalized strategy of how your happy patients are converted into reviewers. This can be done through special follow-ups and/or flyers. A review collection mechanism is customized for your individual case and integrated into your daily routine.


Tip: Patients love it when a healthcare practice takes care of their online reviews. This also gives you the ability to comment on possibly critical opinions of patients.


The price for online reputation management is $150 per month, plus taxes.

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