Active Acquisition of Patients for High-Priced Therapies Through an Information Event With a Lecture From The Medical Expert


A patient information system helps you invite about 20 – 25 participants (at a time) to participate in an informational event via advertisements made in local newspapers or online.

When the participants come to the event, you can give a lecture. After the initial presentation, patients have the opportunity to ask questions in the group and in one-to-one interviews. Upon request, a moderator from our team is provided to control the events procedure as an external contact.


  • Easier marketability of high-priced therapies
  • Strengthening your self-pay clientele
  • Safely held events through complete moderation and many years of experience


The cost of a patient information system is dependent on the advertising cost and the complexity of your requirement. The cost (including advertising cost) of an Informational event starts from $2,750 (plus VAT).

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