Position A Product Or Pharmaceutical Brand On The Internet

Positioning a pharmaceutical brand has become a necessity. The health is one of the issues of greatest general interest in the Internet and new information technologies have opened, without a doubt, a new way to search for issues that really concern users.

More and more individuals are concerned about their health and use the Internet as a source of information. The user is increasingly connected looking for health and wellbeing issues, learning the advantages and differences between products and establishing lists in his top of mind with a capacity for analysis that we could not even imagine before. In fact, it is estimated that around 80% of users have searched the Internet for information on the main problems that affect health. For this reason, for the pharmaceutical industry, the digital market has meant a before and after.

This growing demand for information in the field of health has meant that more and more pharmaceutical laboratories, specialized in OTC or over-the-counter products, seek to position their health products ahead of their competitors. This post explains how to carry out an online pharmaceutical strategy.

Positioning pharmaceutical brand: how to position health products

1. The web: the first step to position pharmaceutical products

To position a pharmaceutical product, it is not enough to have a web page. It is fundamental to understand how we are going to contribute value to the user and that we must offer to him so that he wants to visit our page in a more or less recurrent way. Therefore, a concept, content up to the expectations and an attractive design capable of attracting the attention of the user to whom it is directed will be needed. In addition, this design must be responsive, that is, it must be adapted to mobile devices and tablets, facilitating the user’s experience.

In the design phase of the web or online store, we must be very strict with the brief where the bases of what we must achieve and have a vision in the medium term are defined. 

2. Attraction: the basis of any pharmaceutical online strategy

Once you have the website, you have to generate qualitative traffic visits and one of the best ways is to position the site in the first results of the potential searches of our users and customers. Because, as you probably have already heard, if you are not positioned on the Internet, it is as if you did not exist.

For this, attracting consumers with the content of interest is the cornerstone on which the online strategy of the positioning of any pharmaceutical product will revolve. Thus, offering contents of different topics related to the benefits, methods of application and use, characteristics and solution that can offer the public to which the product is directed, constitutes one of the basic pillars to generate traffic of users seeking health information.

Carry out an SEO positioning strategy (both inside and outside the website), social networks, distribution of press releases in online media, e-mail marketing and a long list of actions, according to objectives and budget, is essential for the success of the brand.

3. The objective when positioning a pharmaceutical product

Online conversion is one of the main objectives pursued when positioning a pharmaceutical product. However, there are more and more companies that seek to create a brand ecosystem in which to relate to their potential customers, under an online branding strategy that drives their sales at offline points of sale.

In any case, users are more independent and every day they know the digital market better. Therefore, although the goal is the conversion or branding, this must be done by non-invasive techniques and always providing value to the user.

It is, in any case, that they are the ones who come to the web. The way to achieve this is by defining very well the strategies and actions that will awaken the interest of your buyer person.

If the goal is conversion, we must work with request forms, contact forms and call-to-action buttons to generate records in the databases. Once records or subscribers are obtained, there are tools with which to generate a sales funnel.

4. Metrics: the key to know if the strategy works

Finally, the results must be measured to check if the pharmaceutical online strategy is paying off and is being effective based on the objectives set or if, on the contrary, we must take corrective measures and change the type of actions. In short, positioning a brand or pharmaceutical product requires planning and testing A/B testing to give us information on what you want and what the consumer responds best.