Getting targeted referrals from your existing patients is considered one of the strongest marketing strategies.

In healthcare-practice oriented digital marketing, referrer marketing is considered a relatively modern method for setting up, expanding and maintaining your referrer network.


The Benefits: More new patients for your services.


Strong Trust: Patient acquisition through referrals brings along with it a strong trust factor that can only come from a vouch of a friend.



  • A cosmetic dental surgeon would like to advertise their dental implants service and gain more referrers. The dental surgery ends up in Cosmetic Surgery, and after follow-up/further treatments, your happy patient also sends to you their referrals, friends, and relatives.
  • An orthodontist wants to gain more dental referrals. In the case of complex cases or potential problems, you can develop a system to assist your colleague to transfer patients to the orthodontist of his/her trust: that is you! A referral from another doctor brings with it a high trust too.


The better the relationship between your practice and your referrer patients, the more success you will see: This is a win-win strategy.


We make your referral practices searchable on the Internet. This includes details of the services and treatments that only you can implement and offer. You can communicate your referrer system clearly to your colleagues. Your informed colleague will benefit from new patients and will gladly refer his or her patients to you since they know that their patients are in good hands. That creates trust at all levels.


Via our patient portals, this can be done quickly and cost-effectively for just $100 per year (plus taxes) per referring colleague or from $299 (plus taxes) per month for all your referrers (a network of up to 100 referrer practices). You can benefit directly by increasing patient demand for your own specializations with your referral colleagues.


A broad referral network supported by you in your area of practice, ensures that your practice in your specialized field of medicine or healthcare gets the desired number of patients. This is permanently effective and the number of new patients on both the sides grows – you get more patients while doing something good for your entire personal community of healthcare professionals.


The price for a patient portal starts from $100 per year per referrer (plus taxes) or from $299 (plus taxes) per month for all your referrers (a network of up to 100 referrer practices).

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