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In healthcare practice marketing, you can do a lot of wrongs and only a little bit right. Many years of experience and creativity are the components of success. We offer a complete range of online and offline marketing design services for growing your practice’s reach.


The Medics Marketing team consists of a mix of permanent and freelance employees with various specializations in the areas of healthcare practice marketing and patient acquisition. Would you like to get to know us? We look forward to your contact. Let’s get in touch.


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In 2015, I really got worried about the digital presence of my clinics. I also needed more referrals. I got in touch with the Medics Marketing team and contracted with them to design my marketing strategy. With my diligent distribution of online materials and contacts with new referral sources, I was able to grow the practice to my desired level of success. "Medics Marketing developed the marketing copy I needed to ensure the success of my practice." In 2017, I was working between two of my three clinics and was at the point of working too hard but I did not have enough patient volume to allow me to hire additional therapists. I wanted to build my clinics to a size that I could afford to hire two additional therapists, thereby not having to wear myself out between the two clinics, and yet maintain my current income. I decided to dedicate the next two years of practice to working very hard on marketing so as to achieve my goal. I again got in touch with the Medics Marketing team and learned that they had become even more adept to marketing strategies over the previous 4 years. They had developed social media concepts and direct communication strategies. I contracted with them to fully redesign my old marketing materials, change the image of the practice and give me more marketing tools. With the revamped image of the practice I have been able to increase referral volume, increase revenue and hire two full-time therapists to work with me. I am now able to enjoy practicing more, as well as have the freedom to be away from the clinics when I want to have a day off or go on an extended vacation. "Medics Marketing helped give me the freedom to enjoy my personal life without giving up my level of compensation."

David Cox, Cosmetic Dentist CA

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