The Importance Of The Social Networks Of A Clinic.

According to a study published recently in the United States, in the last five years, the number of adults using social networks has increased by 45%, which means that half of the people over 18 are immersed in the world of social networks and it is expected that this percentage will continue to grow.

What does this mean? That more and more patients go to the social networks of a clinic, to the Internet to look for a specialist and their criticism or specific information about a specific ailment. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the image of your clinic on the Internet and social networks to attract new patients.


Is it better not to have social networks in your clinic before exposing yourself to risk?

By having social networks is exposed to the public to make public criticism that will see other people besides you, whether good or bad, the latter made sometimes by patients to be dissatisfied with some service offered and others even for their own competition, so part of its reputation will depend on social networks.

Your clinic is already on social networks, whether you like it or not.

If a clinic has social networks it is evident that it is more exposed to false or excessive criticism, (it is already known that positive opinions are not written as often as negative ones) However, is it better not to have social networks of your clinic? before being exposed to risk? The answer is no.

Whether you want it or not, your clinic is already on the Internet. They will talk about their clinic or their work as a professional, in social networks, comparing it in forums, in Google my Business and in other directories. If your clinic is in social networks, at least, you can neutralize those negative opinions and obviously, thank the good reviews. You can not eliminate bad criticism but you can take actions to disguise them or make them forget with better ones.

A Professional Management of the Social Networks of a Clinic.

From MKT Salud we advise you if you have a clinic, hospital or medical center in general, hire a community manager, person specialized in the management of social networks, or a health marketing agency that manages social networks.


Why? Social networks require a constant dedication: publish posts regularly, be aware of answering questions from patients on the same day when possible, know what to publish and when to publish it to have a greater scope, etc. Either of these two options will provide a high-quality service, in addition to saving you a lot of time, so that the clinic is as attractive as possible, within the possibilities of each, for your target audience.

Is it an expensive service? It depends, how much does it cost you a bad critique of a patient? Think of a bad review of a hotel or restaurant, if you read it, would you go? Probably keep looking for opinions or directly go to another place, right? In the health sector, bad criticism weighs even more, since it is played with the health of people.

Finally, you should keep in mind that there is no point in lying on social networks. It is not worth spending money to generate content to attract the patient if later when he arrives he finds that he does not offer what he published on social networks that was what he wanted, expected or needed from his clinic, because he will not buy his services and also he will not speak well of his clinic to the rest, thus generating a bad reputation.