The Marketing Of Healthy Products In Social Networks

Social networks have become one of the best places to conduct a fruitful marketing campaign for health products. These networks, under a good strategy and script, bring benefits to a brand, but the absolute queen of healthy living is Instagram. Next, we will review the keys to current healthy marketing and the reasons why social networks are so successful in relation to fitness and health.

The best social networks for products that take care of your health

Social networks are the space where millions of people seek information and discover the content of interest. One of the main objectives of consumers today is to lead healthy life habits. If we read stories or watch videos that teach us new habits, discover products or services that we did not know and observe people who inspire us to improve every day, we will have more chances to succeed in our healthy goal.


In social networks, we share our achievements and aspirations more or less sincerely. That is why we search the internet for references to follow. Networks like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram have become a place of worship for lovers of health and healthy life. Hundreds of accounts promote exercise and respect for health as a way of life, and brands have seen the vein that this means to increase sales or retain new customers.

What makes Instagram special, for example, is the visual plane and its naturalness. Being able to see with our own eyes how someone advances in their goals, similar to those of the follower user, and explains the benefits of a product, gives the audience enough confidence to follow the example and achieve a healthier life.

Health strategies: Healthy marketing


An online marketing agency specializing in health products must be up to date on what is happening in the networks and it is key to understand very well which strategies and levers to use.  So to use them to increase the sales of a product or service and give greater value to a brand value to its target audience. In 2016, the boom of Instagrammers specialized in healthy living began and every day they generate millions of visits to their profiles; That’s where the brands come in.

At present, there is a concern in society about food and proper habits to lead a healthy life. Organic products, vegetarian food, and sports to keep fit are booming, organic beauty products, coconut oil derivatives, tooth whitening and so on. they have in social networks their point of connection with an audience that seeks a type of care that explains a story beyond the price or its characteristic.

through the profile of a fitness Instagrammer or healthy brands can get the benefits of your product to millions of people who rely on the judgment of those people who admire daily on Instagram.

Benefits of healthy marketing on Instagram


It is clear that if a person influencer of healthy life speaks marvels of our product or service we will humanize the brand and increase its attractiveness to the consumer. According to a study prepared in 2016, 55% of consumers say that they trust more in the contents that are generated in this type of profile than in any other means of the marketing campaign.

The brands that Instagram uses for their marketing campaigns are characterized by a number of factors:

  • They use images that inspire strength, with a great visual impact.
  • They work a strategy not based on the short term. A single impact can cost a lot of money and not be profitable.
  • They take care of their community of fans through direct contact through their profile.
  • They use the contests within the platform through the use of hashtags.
  • They choose with care the influencers with whom they will work. We must look for someone that is most akin to the philosophy of our brand otherwise, our audience will smell it and we will have already taken a false step.

In summary, the best thing to do a healthy product marketing campaign is to support a strategy that promotes the use of networks. In this way, we can expand our own community and improve the reach of our message regarding the fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Have you included this type of actions in your strategy? Share your experience!