The Strength Of Social Networks For Health Companies

Social networks for health companies are an indispensable tool to interact with patients.

According to a study, more than 70% of users of legal age who use the Internet are connected to social networks. If we take into account that millions of health searches are carried out on Google and that many users are getting used to seeing the opinions on doctors on sites, it is evident that social networks are an essential element to incorporate for adapt to the health information consumption habits of millions of patients.



One of the main benefits that many of our clients highlight, the use of social networks, is the ability to connect with their patients and be able to have feedback on their level of satisfaction while allowing them to present new services or products increasing the loyalty

To connect with patients either through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+, first of all, we must develop an online strategy focused on health. In many cases depending on the type of service or health product that is offered, a community of its own within the web, that can be a key tool to increase business figures by supporting the strategy in social networks to make it known.

A good presence in social networks together with good web and good planning of articles in the blog significantly increase the brand image and search engine positioning.

One of the important points is to know what the patient thinks, what he likes, to have him informed and to anticipate his needs are some of the key points that will focus the listening that we must do from this channel and that provides key information for the business.

Do not wait any longer and answer these questions:

  • Do you have an updated website with new contents regularly?
  • Does your website allow you to make an appointment or buy a treatment or product?
  • Do you offer new services or products regularly?
  • Do you know what your customers say about your service or product?

If the answers to these questions have been negative, you should know that you are on the dark side and can not turn your back on the internet and everything that can bring you. If your answers have been positive, your business can potentially improve thanks to social networks. Through networks such as Facebook and Twitter, your business can increase the visibility of its services and products and with that increase your sales thanks to this channel.

One of the most listened to phrases in the online marketing sector is that “content is king” and together with a few other factors, it is one of the most important elements that we can include in our online communication strategy. A good article planning helps patients and clients find the web through search engines and also through social networks. This is a factor to be taken into account in our content programming on social networks to attract users interested in health.

Only patients? No. Not only do patients seek health services on the internet and they are linked to them through social networks. Many businesses like yours look for service providers, products or health appliances on the internet. Do these searches sound good? In these cases people like you follow these provider companies in their social networks to be alert of their news or promotions.

In short, patients and companies search the internet for health services, so you should not underestimate the value that social networks can bring to connect with patients and potential clients. Create your strategy, define a public, a tone, choose the networks most related to your audience and comply with good practices both to communicate and to listen. From here, you determine some reference points to analyze the contribution of this channel to your business.

Tell us your opinion about the use of social networks in your health business or explain how we can help you in your online strategy to increase your communication with patients or new clients. Contact us!