Why Personal Branding Is Important For Doctor

Digital is an important resource for the construction of one’s business: it is also an important resource for healthcare professionals. But what is the best way to set up a personal online branding strategy?

First of all, it should be emphasized that every doctor has two types of reputation:

  1. A reputation with respect to other doctors, of a curricular type
  2. A reputation with respect to patients in general, online

Reputation compared to other doctors

The first type of reputation that a doctor has to treat is that of other professionals in the sector: it determines how other doctors see his professional profile and his career. It is a reputation of which others have a perception built on publications and participation in events, such as conferences.

Reputation towards patients

Through the use of online tools, the doctor must try to increase engagement with his or her target audience,  remembering that patients often do not have the means to make a judgment on a technical basis. Si therefore based on:

  • opinions on doctors traceable in dedicated channels;
  • online presence of the doctor;
  • the information available on social networks.

The sum of these three systems, if they lead to a positive result, allow the doctor to build trust around his professional figure and to increase judgment in terms of positivity even with regard to patients and potential patients.  

medical personal branding

How do you create your online reputation?

In the absence of word of mouth mechanisms, today most people rely on the web to choose the doctor, based on opinions, comments, and reviews of other users: according to studies conducted on the use of the Internet by users, a user read at least four reviews before choosing a doctor. 90% will rely on a doctor with a five-star rating of five.

Patients’ comments and evaluations help to form the opinion of potential customers and push them to choose one service rather than another: in this way, the knowledge of a doctor expands like a wildfire and it is easier to improve its reputation.

brand positioning doctors

Here are some tips for personal branding for doctors:

  • Solicit user feedback. It is necessary to request evaluations from customers in the most diverse ways, inviting patients to leave a testimony or an evaluation of the service, for example by completing a short survey. In this way not only will it be possible to attract new customers who will rely on the evaluation of the current ones for the choice of the service, but it will be possible to identify possible weaknesses and try to improve them. It is also important to provide a quick response to all comments that are left by customers or potential customers to prove active and attentive to requests and observations.
  • Instrumentalize negative comments. You may receive negative feedback even if the service is appreciated by most people. In these cases, it is good to show complete readiness to solve the problem.
  • Use a system for observing progress online. We must pay close attention to all the platforms and online tools that customers use to form their own idea of ​​the doctor or service they are about to choose.
  • Update the NAP information. With NAP information we mean all those related to NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE: basically the information with which customers can get in touch with the doctor.
  • Create and update social profiles. Social networks offer endless possibilities for personal branding. The various social platforms can be used to make your personal profile and business is known and to exchange information with patients.
  • Use online conversations. Being active in social media conversations can improve your image in terms of professionalism and attention to innovation. Proposing stimulating and interesting topics can reinforce the expansion of the “followers” user base.