YouTube Channel For Doctors, An Opportunity To Position Yourself

As health professionals, we have a great opportunity to generate quality leads through videos of medical content, that is, the opportunity for a potential patient who is looking for information related to my specialty, to end up seeing a content developed ad hoc so that come to me.

As most of you already know, Youtube is the second search engine worldwide by volume of searches, and the first page in the number of visits daily average (no less than 1,500 million daily visits), therefore it is worth doing an effort to use this channel to reach our patients and users.

If you still have any doubt about whether you should use YouTube to position yourself, using videos of medical content related to your activity to let you know and position yourself as a reference in your specialty, I’ll give you 7 reasons that will convince you.

  1.  The first one I mentioned above, and it is the second search engine worldwide, and Spain is no exception.
  2.  It is also a channel belonging to Google, and this means that what is published on YouTube, has priority at the time of appearing in the search engine results compared to other media such as Dailymotion or Vimeo. Surely you have been able to check when you perform a search, which is not few cases in which among the first results of the Google search engine, one or more videos appear and they are always from YouTube. Therefore, positioning yourself on YouTube is positioning yourself on Google.
  3.  The retentive content shown through videos is much greater than the content consumed in text format, in addition to being much more comfortable and attractive to consume by our users.
  4.  Remember that in the videos we can include direct links to contents of our website, so it is a great tool for medical marketing and a way to channel traffic to our medical website.
  5.  To make a video, we have to achieve acceptable levels of quality and not worth anything, because in the health sector is a priority to transmit confidence. That said, to achieve this level you do not need a lot of resources. Nobody expects that when the speaker is a health professional, the video that is reproduced resembles a BMW ad, and nowadays the cameras that we all have at home (even with a good Smartphone), along with a good content designed for the patient and a little practice (record and visualize the video several times before publishing), surely it will be enough. Users looking for health content expect to find good content and advice, not big scenarios, camera twists or visual effects.
  6.  On YouTube as well as Google, you can do a good SEO and position yourself for the keywords that interest us, with the difference that most people still do not devote the same impetus and effort to do so, which means that we will have less competition and it will be easier to appear in the top positions.
  7.  In Youtube, you can establish KPI’s, measure results, make corrections and modifications, re-measure … In other words, you can optimize the results to achieve our objectives and improve our visibility.

Finally, I would like to mention that there are many video editing programs, including free ones, that will allow us to improve the recordings we make, cut out the parts that we do not want to appear, subtitle the videos, etc. They are very easy to use programs with a very low learning curve.

I invite you to search for videos that you have on Youtube currently related to your specialty, see the quality of them and look at the number of views and then compare it with the number of page views of one of your web pages. I think it will encourage you, even more, to do the first test and see the result.