Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Facebook Strategy for Patient Loyalty & Retargeting Campaigns

A specialized and modern practice would like to convey these features to their patients. A Facebook page adapted to the practice homepage helps. The Facebook logo alone creates trust because it is well known and looks modern. This can be actively used for patient retention and recovery with little effort.


We will create a Facebook page in consultation with you in your practice / clinic design. The performance should be and encourage the patient to participate.

  • modern
  • Chamber and civil law unobjectionable
  • compliant with the professional code
  • Compliant with the German Advertising Advertising Act (HWG)
  • compliant with the law against unfair competition (UWG)
  • compliant with the Facebook terms
  • safe from warnings
  • friendly
  • native
  • informative
  • “personally”


The price for the Facebook Page Marketing is $200 plus taxes.

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Your Wait Is Costing Your Business. Healthcare Industry is changing rapidly and a strong digital presence is now essential for professionals. Not marketing to save money is like stopping a clock to save time. Doesn’t work!

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