A Video Pitch Is The Strongest Mover For Patient Acquisition. Put Yourself Out There And Engage With Your Patients With Videos.

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Filming videos is now an indispensable part of everyday life. No other medium has revolutionized the world as much as videos. Good videos are instrumental in communicating important messages. They provide insight into events and issues. Practice videos are specially designed for doctors of each specialization.

Shareable And Impactful

In recent years, there has been a strong trend – more and more doctors from all fields are choosing to expand their impact by using tailored videos to introduce their services. The reason is that videos embedded on your homepage not only make the entire presence of your practice appear higher-quality but also offer significant value add for the patient. So, to what extent can you spice up your marketing efforts with videos?

Authenticity, Closeness, Trust

Good videos create an experience real by adding emotional closeness and authenticity. Videos used in social networks often overcome the barrier between the abstract online world and the real, tangible offline world. A personal video embedded on a website forms a bridge that merges both worlds.


The result: your office suddenly becomes more tangible and takes shape. The doctors and staff are no longer perceived as just names in a directory but as real people. A video on your website automatically attracts the attention of your visitors and creates trust and closeness – the latter often counts as decisive criteria for a patient to go for a specific medical practice.

Short Pitch

Videos have a more tangible effect on the viewer than just photos. Having a practice video offers you a distinct advantage too: it provides the audience on the other side of the screen with relevant information and can do so – without ever meeting in person at first. At the same time, this also shows a comprehensive and realistic picture of you, your employees and your consulting rooms – within a few seconds.


Above all, you can explain your innovative treatment methods that require explanation. The patient feels satisfied with the explanation. An example setting could be if you as a doctor report as an interview, about the services you provide. This is similar to a personal interview in the practice. Facial expressions and gestures create closeness and familiarity with the viewer. As a result, you remain in their memory for a long time and can motivate patients to visit you instead of any other practice.

Good For Your SEO

Adding a practice video on your website has several benefits. In addition to an improvement of user experience, the technical impact on your search engine optimization should also be emphasized.


Due to the increased visit times on your website and the resulting interactions (such as clicks which may lead to contact or appointment), the homepage as a whole now gets an upgrade which positively influences your website ranking.

Types Of Practice Videos

There are two types of videos that have been proven successful for patient acquisition. Both have an enormous impact on your patients’ purchase decision.



  • It is designed as a movie that sequences between your practice clippings (if necessary, with a drone flight)
  • Short spoken passages – ideally by the practice owner and the clinic staff
  • Advantage: your patients get insights into your practice and its treatment processes
  • Also helps you in recruitments: Your testimonial as an employer creates trust and credibility as a recruiter


  • You explain about specific subjects and treatment methods
  • Complex information is clearly explained, in layman’s terminology
  • You directly connect with the patient because you “understand their problem”
  • A concrete understanding of complex issues, coupled with a direct explanatory approach, creates a sense of dependability and an authoritative persona of you in the patient’s mind

The Rules

When creating a practice video, it is important to observe these rules. Firstly, it is important to create a video that is both modern and authentic. It is required to give your patients a realistic idea about the practice, the practitioner and the staff. The overall picture must be coherent.

Avoidable Pitfalls

You should definitely stay away from the classic “doctor’s practice video” of the past, which is often not coherent and ineffective. For example: showing a patient sitting in the waiting room, being called, welcomed by the doctor, accompanied to the treatment room and followed by a sequence after which the patient leaves the practice again. Big no.


Such practice videos are often made by agencies that do not specialize in healthcare practice marketing. In the best case, these videos have a lot to offer visually become very expensive. In the worst case, they still cost a big buck (often ~$1000) and you land in the quagmire of standard settings, standard cut, no strategic positioning your practice, no wow, no success.


The concept of classic “doctor’s practice videos” eventually fizzled out because it didn’t get good results. This method has proven to be ineffective in attracting patients because the videos lack a clear message. The question in the mind of your visitor is – “Why should I make an appointment in this practice?”. It helps by focusing on the key strong points.

Making A Good Practice Video

A good practice video starts with a thoughtful concept. For this, a tailor-made script (pitch) is created, which considers all your relevant aspects. Then you start with the actual video shooting. Videos are usually taken as interviews, in which clinicians and staff answer specific, patient-related questions about health.


It is also good to report your work as a doctor, by giving details of your work. Focus on aspects that are appreciated at your clinic. Of course, it is also possible for you to use professional actors, extras or speakers as needed. We help you with all of these.


You can choose to explain all the services of your practice in a video, or only a special specialization. You can explain a rare diagnosis or therapy that makes you look dependable and authoritative and conveys the right message. As for the interiors of your clinic: it is recommended to give a visually appealing view of your premises. Panning through the treatment rooms or, if necessary, a drone flight through or over the building are possible technical features that can significantly increase the quality of your video.

Marketing Impact

All the above aspects significantly contribute to a patient’s decision to choose your practice. It is important that a logically constructed video is produced, which on the one hand provides valuable information, and on the other hand, makes sure that the audience gets to know you as a doctor. You can show your staff and your practice – much as if the patient had already visited you in your practice. This massively helps with your conversions and improves your marketing results.

Our Offer

We are your partner in the creation of a healthcare practice video. From initial strategy to final shooting, we take care of the professional implementation. Our offer includes the following:

  • Concept creation
  • Scriptwriting (screenplay)
  • Recording and editing the video with technical equipment
  • Post-production of images and sounds
  • Animation of text elements
  • Provision of extra scenes, actors and/or speakers (on request)


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