A Professional Photo Shoot Of Your Healthcare Clinic Can Give People More Confidence and Make Your Online Presence More Attractive

Good images create good emotions. To know this, one does not need training in sales psychology. Of course, this also applies to the photos used on your practice website. A professional looking website can take you a long way.


Our photographers specialize in healthcare practice photography and are able to cater to the needs of patients. If you want to have a professional online presence for your healthcare practice, you definitely require a professional photo shoot.


Professional and high-quality clinic photos generate positive emotions within seconds. The patient gets a great first impression of your practice, yourself and your team – even before their first visit! At the same time, these positive emotions create a sense of harmony, value, and well-being. Professional photographs serve as an active sales tool for high-quality professional medical services.


In short: Professional practice shoots are authentic and act congruently with your clinic’s promise.


At the agreed time, our photographers will visit, and photograph your practice and staff in various poses and situations. These include shots of:

  • Doctors/dentists as a portrait and in the working environment
  • Hospital/clinic staff portraits and in the working environment
  • Team pictures
  • Clinic’s interior shots
  • Furnishings and practice rooms
  • Outdoor shots
  • The ambiance
  • Your Laboratory

After the photo shoot, you can choose the photos to use for our campaigns together with us. The timely post-processing of the selected photos is a part of our service because we do not want to delay critical processes such as website development.

In addition to the photo shoot, we will be happy to organize a professional make-up artist who will professionally make-up and style the doctor and the staff who are to be photographed – on the day of the photo shoot.


The price for professional practice photo-shoot depends on the size of your practice/clinic and the scope of photo shootings. The cost is available on request.

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