Healthcare Communication: 7 Apps That Every Doctor Should Download On Their Phone

In today’s digital world, it is essential for medical professionals to develop a multi-channel healthcare communication that reaches patient-clients on the channels they prefer to use. For healthcare professionals in particular, the challenge is to develop tailor-made messaging through channels that promote patient engagement and a healthier society in general.

The electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets are now part of everyday life for each of us: these devices today are used both to communicate but also to see through a simple and intuitive click the wealth of data and information made available by search engines. From this point of view, smartphones can be transformed into valid tools able to assist professionals and healthcare companies in their field activities through dedicated apps.


Here is a list of some of the best 7 best apps for smartphones and tablets in the medical field, which every healthcare professional should download on their phone.


iFarmaci is a pharmacological handbook, practical to consult and complete in its contents, developed for iOS operating systems. It contains all the drugs on the market, including hospital, veterinary and specialist medicines and is constantly updated with the latest industry news. He also obtained important international awards in the digital field, such as the 2011 Apple Rewind award, establishing himself as the best app of the year.

It does not require an internet connection: the data is entirely contained in the application and are certified by S’moove Software, a leading company in the field of pharmacy management.

With iFarmaci you have different ways to quickly find the drug you are interested in:

  • Search by trade name, active ingredient or AIC code;
  • reading the barcode on the package;
  • Search for a text in the monographs, by category, form, prescription, recipe, presence of gluten or lactose, narcotic, veterinary, doping;
  • navigation for ATC classification;
  • browsing by company.

All the features of the drug are clearly and comprehensively presented in order to simplify the Health Communication: producer, price, active ingredient, group, type, class, recipe, SSN, shape, presence of gluten and lactose, preservation, deadline, complete AIFA notes, barcode, and AIC code, narcotic, doping in and out of the race.

Gray’s Anatomy – Atlas

This is the digital version – available on the Google Play Store – of one of the most significant medical manuals of all time, written by Henry Gray in 1858 and considered by many doctors as a kind of sacred book of the sector. The App includes the full text, the zoomable illustrations, the search for contents and tables and the possibility to print, save or send via email the texts, images, and notes. The only flaw: it does not give the possibility to change the language.

ECG Guide

It is an application for both iOS and Android that is useful for interpreting the electrocardiogram, it collects an internal database of tracks with which it is possible to compare those of one’s patient. The different clinical and pathological conditions are presented in alphabetical order and, once the topic of interest is selected, it is possible to access the high-resolution image of the path and the description of the pathology highlighted.


This is the App developed by the parents of Isabel Maude, a girl who is 1999 risked losing her life due to a wrong diagnosis by the hospital where she was hospitalized. The App does not replace the work of the doctor but supports him in the exercise of his profession: by entering the patient’s symptoms, the application shows the possible diagnoses and suggests any therapies to be undertaken for the treatment of the highlighted pathology.

The Isabel App allows doctors, nurses and other doctors to use iPhone, iPad or iPod touch mobile devices to determine the diagnoses and treat patients more quickly at the point of care where they are, thus developing the internal Health Care to the structure. Having Isabel available anytime and anywhere makes it practical for doctors to immediately check their patients’ diagnoses and thus reduce the risk of losing an important diagnosis.

The system covers over 10,000 diseases with multiple symptoms. In addition to clinical features, Isabel uses algorithms to present only the patient’s age, gender, and geographical area results. With almost 2 decades of continuous development, tests and improvements, Isabel are today recognized worldwide as the most precise and versatile system available.

Lab Gear

This App is available for iOS and Android device. It allows the interpretation of the most frequent laboratory tests. The tool offers a comprehensive library of laboratory tests already performed on previous occasions, along with related diagnoses and related symptoms.

Sanford Guide

The Sanford Guide is an Antimicrobial Therapy mobile app. It includes multi-word search features, calculators, tables, customizable bookmarks in printed edition. The guide represents one of the main points of reference for the interpretation and treatment of infectious diseases and therefore to improve the Medical-patient Health Communication.

Subscriptions purchased at the Sanford Guide online store can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices, while subscriptions purchased from the Apple App Store or Google Play only work on the platform associated with that store.

Osirix HD

Osirix HD is a software that allows the transfer, reading and downloading of medical images. The App allows you to view X-ray images in DICOM format from exams such as CT, MRI, PET, and SPECT. This App can receive images from any healthcare imaging device, using the Wi-FI or 3G network. Available on the Apple Store.