Health Marketing: Content Marketing Makes A Difference

It is essential, when designing a content marketing strategy in the health sector, to bear in mind that this market has a very peculiar characteristic, which is far above the others: rigor.

It is true that whenever we talk about Inbound Marketing we emphasize the need to bet on the content of value, relevant to the user. In the case of Health Marketing, it must also be especially rigorous, and from very reliable sources.

For example, if we implement a content strategy in the fashion sector or online betting, we know that our Buyer Persona will demand quality content, and will buy our product or service depending on certain variables.

But in the health sector, what is sold is health. And that not only requires simply being up to the task. Oblige excellence with a Health Marketing strategy.

Content actions for Health Marketing

It is a reality that users and patients demand more and more contact with medical professionals and more information about the disorders or diseases they suffer.

The Internet has been integrated into the daily life of people, encouraging the possibility of establishing conversations in real time, either with the institutions themselves, the doctors, to resolve the doubts or problems of the patients.

1. The corporate blog

The main weapon of a content strategy, whether in the health sector or any other, is the corporate blog. The blog of a company related to the health sector, such as a hospital or a pharmaceutical company, must have a clear professional profile.

But do not get confused: this does not mean that the specialists themselves must believe the contents. While it is true that no one understands the subject as they do, it is also true that not everyone knows how to give this knowledge an informative approach or optimize it to obtain the best results in search engines.

Therefore, those responsible for the creation of contents in Health Marketing must be communication specialists, capable of treating information with the rigor that the sector demands. While it is true that the ideal is that these posts are reviewed by health experts, whose technical knowledge is essential for the content to be 100% reliable, before being disseminated.

In addition to corporate blogs, the creation of verticals on a specific specialization allows consolidating the reputation, both of the brand, and of the blog itself. And therefore, help to be a reference in the health industry and/or the specialty in question.

2. Video and image

We are in an increasingly visual society, although the health sector has not evolved the type of content towards this aspect as quickly as other sectors. The contents of video and image are increasingly demanded by users or patients, but require a level of professionalization and a complex methodology. Without a doubt, they are a must of any good Health Marketing strategy.


For this type of content, it is essential to define who we are addressing and what we want to communicate. Once these two points are clear, it is necessary to re-analyze the tone, the channel where we will publish it and the appropriate format to impact on the patient’s emotions.

3. Social networks

More than 40% of users say that the information found through social networks affects the way they treat their health.

Facebook and Twitter are the preferred platforms of companies to make themselves known among patients, and those most used by workers, on a personal basis, to network and continue learning in a constantly evolving environment. However, if your organization is aimed at a professional audience or even other companies, Linkedin cannot miss your B2B Health Marketing strategy.

4. Newsletter

One of the main reasons for choosing e-mail as a communication channel is its ability to maintain stable and lasting relationships. A good perception of a specific product or health service, in addition to quality, requires the relationship and communication between patient and institution or professional. The email marketing opens a new channel of communication that allows informing patients and providers among others. In short, it is a perfect tool for the loyalty of users in the healthcare sector.

5. Virtual contents

Everything is turning towards the application ecosystem. A few years ago, it was completely unthinkable to be able to spend money through a simple mobile phone, without the need to provide the account number. At present, mobile applications with Twyp already make it possible.

The health sector also offers great possibilities within the mobile world. That is why there are few health centers that have their own apps as part of the Health Content Marketing of their strategy.

As you have just read, content marketing offers you a great opportunity within the health sector. At Medics Marketing, we are specialists in integrated content in Health Marketing Strategies, with success stories that support us. Do you want more information to get different from your competition? Contact Us