Cross-Selling And Up-Selling Of Health And Cosmetics On Facebook

Social networks, as well as a powerful communication tool, allow us easy access to the interests and sociodemographic information of our customers or consumers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the application of techniques such as Cross-selling and Up-selling through them, apart from boosting commercial results, strengthens the relationship with the client, both current and potential. How to implement these actions correctly and what benefits does it provide? We focus on the sectors of our customers: health, pharma, and cosmetics.



As an introduction, and to better understand these concepts and their approach, we summarize the purpose of both techniques:

  • Cross-selling: a marketing strategy that allows proposing existing customers (we also open the possibility to potential customers) to purchase complementary products or services. Its purpose is to maximize the sales of related products.
  • Up-selling: strategy through which the client is offered a product or service superior to the acquired one. Its purpose is to create and satisfy new consumption needs, at the same time that the purchase ticket is raised.

Cross-selling and Up-selling using Facebook


Facebook constantly launches new services aimed at companies to improve their results, as well as the relationship with their customers, the life cycle of these and the attraction of new interested in their products or services. This is the case of dynamic ads, a tool that allows crossed and improved sales at a reasonable cost.

How does it work?

By implementing these techniques through dynamic ads, Facebook automatically selects relevant articles from the set of products you choose to show in the ads using techniques such as purchase behavior or user navigation on the web, creating patterns that repeat over time.

In addition to this, in Medics Marketing, we create customized structures adapted to each client, product and objectives such as targeting actions, among other strategies, to people who visit a certain page, who have added products to the cart but have not made the purchase, who have purchased a certain item or that they have made a purchase above or below a certain amount.

Focusing on the typology of our clients, we offer several practical cases of Cross-selling and Up-selling techniques by sector.

  • Health sector.

Putting the case that services are offered and the increase of private clients in certain areas is desired, or the conversion of the current ones into private ones, actions can be proposed based on the online appointment request or in the user’s browsing history.

For example, nutrition services may be suggested to those who have made an appointment request for the endocrine. Or propose a package of tests for athletes to those who have visited pages related to physiotherapists or sports nutrition.

  • Pharma and Cosmetics Sector.

In the case of having e-commerce, these techniques are perfect to increase the average ticket or extend the life cycle of current customers.

For example, if the customer usually buys an anti-wrinkle cream of a certain brand, he can offer products of the equal or lower value of the same brand as a serum, a facial cleanser … In case you want to increase the sale, you can offer more complete product lots, choose to impact with a premium brand or other related product of greater value to the current.

Best practices for cross-selling and advanced sales campaigns

Before starting with these marketing techniques it is important:

  • Cross-selling: trace the complementary elements of the entire catalog of products or services.
  • Up-selling: define the value and benefits of each item or product.
  • Define similar or similar audiences. If, in addition to cross-selling and advanced campaigns, it is important to create similar audience ads to users who browse your website to expand the reach and increase the likelihood of sales.

What strategy do you implement in social networks to improve your sales?

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