How To Generate Medical Content Of Interest To The Patient

Surely it is more than once you have heard that “content is king”, well, although it sounds repetitive, yes, it is. But why? How to make medical content of interest and thus get more clients?

First of all, the importance of generating content can be summed up in two words: to add value. By this, we mean that it can be one of the points that differentiate us from the competition and that it attracts not only our current patients but also those who do not yet know us.




Although the vast majority have notions about how to write, being the health sector and its many technicalities, it is important to take into account various factors so that this effort is effective and attracts. 

Recommendations to generate medical content of interest

  1. Setting goals.

The basis of every blog is to determine the audience we are going to address and the main theme. After this, we can begin to establish objectives or KPIs: visits, pages per visit, clicks, shared content …

  1. Plan and be regular.

Establish the topics that will be discussed during the month in advance and how many posts are going to be written helps us to have a broader vision and to follow within the objectives that we have proposed. In addition, it is very important to always remember that regularity is better than quantity so you do not need to publish every day, but do it with a certain frequency so that users visit us more.

  1. Current topics and information of interest.

It must be borne in mind that depending on the public we are going to address (patients, doctors, nurses, specialists) the current topics of interest will be very different: advice to patients, the day to day of a health professional, technical news in medicine, recent studies, success stories …

  1. Adapt the language

The content should be pleasant and close. Let the technicalities aside (unless your objectives are more focused on B2B) and speak clearly, simply and concisely. Avoid long texts with very complex contents.

  1. Analyze the visits.

To identify which content is more interesting, it is important to pay attention to the comments received and the navigation made by visitors: how long they are if they browse more pages, which are the most visited contents … For this, it is essential to web analytics tools and social networks.

  1. To surprise.

Telling new things, current issues or referring to the time of year, infographics, pdf, videos … There are many resources with which to achieve surprise the reader and, incidentally, differentiate.

  1. Do SEO

Search engine positioning is essential for anyone wishing to publicize their website, and quality content (and regular) is our best letter of introduction to Google to make us a gap between the first search results.

  1. Spread.

Taking advantage of the diffusion channels available (social networks, feed, other blogs …) will increase the dissemination of the contents and will be read by more people.

Increase your visits, your loyalty and your search engine positioning with interesting and quality medical content.

We define your content strategy, we create them adapting them to your objectives and we position you in search engines. Ask us about our monthly plans!