Don’t Have A Health Communication Strategy For Your Chiropractic Business Yet?

Some practical tips to optimize your business on the web

If you intend to increase your chiropractic activity, a solid Health Marketing strategy is a great starting point. Especially since recent surveys state that about 80% of Americans surveyed suffer occasionally or even daily back pain. We are also at that time of the year when people start setting goals not only for their personal lives but also for their businesses.

If you have a website and you need a redesign or you’re new to health communication as a whole and you’re starting from scratch, the website is the best starting point. This is because your website is likely to be the first business card that people looking for what you have to offer will have for your business.

Before diving into the somewhat mystifying world of chiropractic web design, there are some important factors to consider, regardless of how your website is designed and the type of patients you are looking for.

Don’t forget about reviews and ratings

A good health communication strategy must keep in mind that word of mouth is one of the keys to optimizing the positioning of a website. Websites like Facebook and Google offer users the opportunity to evaluate companies and share their experience. When a person publishes a review , regardless of whether it is good or bad, it exposes it to its friends and anyone else who can visit the Facebook page or perform an online search.

For this reason, it is important to have a solid reputation management program to respond to all the reviews received. It is useful to have a page on your website dedicated to reviews and offers patients the opportunity to publish their review if they have not already done so. Reviews posted directly on your website give you the most control over what is published and what is not. While on external sites you can only respond to reviews, on your site you can determine which posts are worthy of publication.

Appearance is sometimes everything

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO). To understand if your Healthcare Marketing strategy has been well designed and planned you can analyze the bounce rate and the average stay time between the pages of the website.

Your website must be attractive and have a consistent message and try to use good graphics to clearly communicate your business to visitors. In many cases, the graphic and photographic language on your website will serve to get your message through before the words. Especially because in today’s fast-paced world people spend more time skimming than reading carefully the contents offered.

Take the time to take professional photos of your practice and staff and make sure you use quality stock images. Choose the photos that reflect your personality and the general mood of your medical activity.

Even multimedia content is often highly appreciated by users because it offers visitors the opportunity to interact with your website and share useful content with their social networks. Videos should be useful. Some of the best are patient education videos, meetings with videos of doctors and clips of parties or staff celebrations that give users information on how your business works.

The video is one of the best ways to make your website interactive and increase the time people spend on your site (by reducing the bounce rate from one page to another or even worse between similar sites for content), as well as the how often they share your website with their social networks.

Focus on transparency to optimize health communication

Your website and overall online presence must be transparent and honest. People want to feel like they interact with a person, not just a company. Therefore, make sure your contact information is easily visible and accessible. Finally, make sure that all staff are trained on how to interact transparently with new and existing patients.