Engagement With The Patient In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Engagement with the patient in the pharmaceutical industry is awakening little by little. The marketing departments of many laboratories are realizing that the relationship with their public must be worked on a continuous basis and with a value proposal that is easy to understand and attractive to them.


The Top of Mind: the best in the minds of patients.

When they ask you which is the best brand of cereal or car or even water, your mind involuntarily makes a small list where it orders marks based on a series of data that you have assimilated consciously or unconsciously. Largely derived from the marketing actions that these brands have carried out to reach you through different channels. In recent years, consumers have incorporated new brands and products in their top of mind that they have known only and exclusively through online channels.

When we ask this question to discover that pharmaceutical products, of a specific category, have a group of people in their top of mind, the list becomes very small. The first reason may be given by the fact that many pharmaceutical products only consume them when we really need it, in case of cold for example. The following reasons are conditioned by whether the potential customer has seen our very expensive advertisement on television or in case the pharmaceutical professional advises our product before the possible demand.
If we analyze these factors, from a customer acquisition point of view, we realize that we are at the expense of our TV Ad reaching the target audience, which according to infinite audience analysis of these conventional media show the great fall ineffectiveness that is reaping especially among younger audiences. On the other hand, it is also observed the dependence with the pharmacist and the probability that our product ends up being the chosen one.

Is it possible to create a relationship with the client beyond the time of year when the consumption of our product increases?

The answer is yes. There is a means that allows us to communicate more closely and constantly while being economical and profitable compared to other channels; the Internet. Social networks allow us to create a content strategy designed to maintain the relationship with the potential audience throughout the year and in this way when the time comes, the patient will buy the product on their own initiative asking for yours and not the other brand.

How to increase engagement with the patient?

1. Create a strategy based on the needs of your target audience.

Before you start using networks, you must build your strategy. It is necessary to create a content planning that contributes value to the public. Reflect your strategy in your content updates and focus on the information needs of your followers and/or the content you will want to share in your profile.

2. Publish only useful and attractive content.

Content on Facebook is closer to being understood as relational content than as advertising. In order to build relationships with potential patients, it is necessary to publish content that makes the public want to be in permanent contact with your page. This content may include short messages, links to useful articles and images or videos that add value. You must avoid excessive advertising for your product or you will lose the interest of the public.

3. Update regularly.

Once your social media profiles are up and running, be sure to post content on a regular basis. This will allow you to retain the interest of your audience, and that will make the relationship with them closer.

The commitment and engagement with the patient will always depend on your strategy and actions to promote your brand in front of the others. If you need to create a new digital scenario for your brand and you need professional support from an online marketing agency, always be in the hands of a team that understands your sector and how your audience thinks. If you need our help, contact us without obligation.