Facebook Statistics, What To Keep In Mind?

Having a company page on Facebook does not only consist in publishing content to connect with the public but also in knowing which ones are more interesting, what type of audience follows you and how to continue attracting potential customers. How Facebook statistics help us?


The statistics can be somewhat intriguing and, therefore, we wanted to summarize those statistics that are most important for the health sector, which will give a clearer vision of audience, content and where the strategy has to go in this channel.

Facebook statistics, which ones to look at?



Depending on your objectives, you should consider one or the other:

  • Get more patients. It is essential that the number of followers of the page grows at a good pace. 5 new in a month? Maybe you should review your content, or weigh other ways to reach those customers who have not yet found you.
  • Have more visibility The scope tells us the number of people talking about your page. You can have 2,000 fans but only 500 see your posts on your wall at some point. And how is that possible? Keep in mind that currently, and due to the algorithm of Facebook, only about 8% of the total number of fans of the page is reached . Unless it is clear, that you do it better.
  • Loyalty / Recommendation. It is good to look at the interactions (like, shared, comments) to be able to measure the affinity between follower and brand. This can give us clues about those who recommend us most or those who are most loyal because they regularly perform, for example, a “like” on our page.
  • Return on investment. Knowing if the social network generates sales is somewhat complicated to quantify. Yes, we can do it by following up on our middle page or the source where the visits/reservations for appointments/purchases come from.


How To Improve Facebook Statistics?

Not only do they help us measure results, but statistics provide you with fundamental information to know how your fans react, what content they like most and what their motivation is to interact with you through networks. Although it seems simple, this analysis will take a while (and we do not refer to hours), since the idea is to analyze a certain period and, from that moment, start to execute the improvements. First, meet the audience and then launch to conquer it.


In the case of the health sector, we find that the audience that is part of our Facebook page can become very different. We do not refer in terms of age or location, but in terms of interest. And it is that, unless we are a specialist in a certain area, our fans will have different motivations to follow us : for prevention of diseases, because they are interested in certain treatments, to keep up to date with our news, because they want to improve their health, because they look for more specific information about what is happening to them … As you will see, infinite possibilities that have a solution.

How to improve statistics or, rather, what to publish to achieve your goals

Guiding you by the statistics that Facebook offers, you can obtain a lot of information that will reveal what you like and what you do not publish :

  • Type of publication: If your users interact more when you post links, photos or videos.
  • What content has had the greatest reach.
  • Which part of your page interests more: videos, events, photos.
  • What type of public follows you: location, age, interests.
  • What days have you received the most “likes”?

Once you have this clear, your publications for statistics to improve, as well as the effectiveness of the channel to meet objectives, should :

  1. Turn around an axis. If you talk about a single topic, either because it is your specialty or because you offer a single treatment, then perfect. If you are multidisciplinary or offer different services, you must decide through analysis, which are the strong points that attract more of your business.
  2. Variety. Yes, go changing. Use images, links, infographics, videos, etc. Do not let your fans get tired of always seeing the same thing.
  3. Not sell all the time. It varies in content.
  4. Analyze the schedules to publish. Go to the statistics to know at what times your fans have more activity.
  5. Include a call to action Involve them in the content by throwing questions from time to time.
  6. Use a close language Make them feel that behind the page there is a human team.

In conclusion, reading the data that Facebook offers you along with a defined content strategy will improve your statistics, increasing the number of fans and their possibility of conversion.


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